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No one in Trinidad asks if we can work for free. Most of the time a client will ask for a price,

Recently someone asked me to design a logo, I said $400. And this is not even a lot. His response: “So much”, followed by “give me a better price!” If you have an idea or a sketch then I can get you an illustration for $300.00, nothing less.

For some people, I’ll design just about anything free. I just have to really like you 😏

Yes I do need exposure, but if you’re approaching me about a job.. be professional because you’re not tiling someone’s house for “exposure.”

You need to explain what you want to expect a design from me. I can’t guess what you want if I have nothing to work with.

If someone keeps bugging me about a job and sending “I need this ASAP”, just remember it means as slow as possible to others.

Urgent? Download an instant app, if that exists. Designers try their best to do the jobs as fast as possible and ideas aren’t free accessible at an ATM.

Some people like to change their mind after a job is completed and the theme is set. Ok so the customer is always right? Changes cost extra.

I had a job for someone, he kept calling me 3-4 times a week to change things and after I emailed the final design, he would email to say he didn’t tell me to do that. I realized later that he set me up because he wanted no record of his requested changes. Learnt my lesson.

Insisting a designer copy someone else’s style is an insult. If you had the time to research the design, you can get the contact information as well.

A lot of people think by ‘creating’ a logo in Microsoft word it saves them cash, truth is that it really doesn’t. My advice, pay a graphic designer to illustrate a logo to save you the time.


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