Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2016


Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

This year one of the venues for the Trinidad and Tobago film festival was Costaatt between the 21st-24th September.

I attended the 2 o’clock showing at the south campus of Costaatt on Wednesday. This is the movie i started to watch. Presos which means imprisoned in English.


I pulled this poster off the internet, the design of this poster is not very impressionable, the font used for the title is nice but the end of the R has a slight bend and that is distracting, the texture seems too repetitive as the wire is used in the background images. In my opinion it would of visually appealing with an increased white space left between each actors name, as well as the title centered. The pole on the upper left hand side is excessive, and the vignette is just unnecessary as simplicity covers good design.

The story was easy to relate to, the story of a young woman that has no idea of what she wants out of life…only what is expected of her by her family. The first funny scene was when Victoria went for an interview, she was turned down as she hasn’t graduated high school but she convinces the employer to hire her anyway. Later on she befriends the employers brother, who is in prison. She had conversations with him everyday and after a while her life has begun to change.

Leyna Gomez, Alexios Agular, Naty Arias and Wagner Moura.

The movie was well done, the story line was capturing with a mix of romance, comedy and suspense.

Esteban Ramirez : the director of Presos.

More about the director:

Esteban Ramirez


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