Some general makeup styles

This is a collaboration done with Camaleena , Adina and Khalisha. 

The makeup was supplied by Camaleena. 

Makeup was done by Khalisha.  

Models are Camaleena and  Adina. 

Editing of photos by Cintra Persad. 

Adina blog : Let’s Talk about books, Camaleena’s blog : Y.A Travels and Khalisha’s blog : Doll House Beauty.


Adina has very cool tones. Khalisha found that the pops of colour on the eye usually enhances cool toned skin. (That is until she blinked and messed up her eyeliner) The best application is to keep it soft and within the same colour palettes. Heavily lined eyes and a bold plum lip usually does the trick. Pinks, Reds and oranges usually make cool skin come alive. 

Camaleena has warm undertones, a foundation with a yellow undertone worked best on her skin. What Khalisha found worked best on her were colours closest to her skin tone (nudes, gold, plums)As it naturally highlights her face. Warm tones usually complements “warmer” lipsticks like corals and peachy colours.


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