The design museum 

The new design museum is opening soon in Kensington High Street, London.

Open to the public on the 24th November, 2016.

The inside has been remodeled by John Pawson.

The original concrete floors have been removed, while the previously existing façade has been replaced with a double glazed skin, which has significantly improving insulation and permitted daylight to enter.

The new exterior has been detailed to resemble the original blue skin of the building, with matching mullions and a fritted pattern of printed dots.



Branding is simply the identity of a company.

Some refer to marketing plans as branding, it is not. The marketing plans are the tools and strategies that fuel a business.


A brand is the sum of all different impressions of each customer about a company.

Marketing is used to build a brand, the customers shape the companies identity.

Customized T-shirts

Around mid November, I decided to invest in some equipment for my profession as a freelance graphic designer. I bought a printer, heat press, vinyl and a plotter. 

Now, a part of my job is doing customized T-shirt designs for customers. 

The first T-shirt on the left was for my cousin, he is a football fan and at the time he was learning to play. The background is plain white to symbolize the field, the football is red as his clogs were red and his name is in glow in the dark, the placement of the name is aligned to the right edge, with the football and the white rectangle to balance the design. 

The second T-shirt, in a clockwise direction is a recent job. The detail was timely, the final product is satisfactory. 

The third T-shirt was a request from a friend, a funny personal joke shared with their love for Star Wars. 

Fourth is one Iv done for myself, I wore the T-shirt today. The House Stark sigil. Black vinyl on the dark blue t-shirt.